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                Center Business
                profile company
                Southern Environmental Protection Group, founded in 1987, is a national high-tech enterprise integrating environmental protection technology, equipment, engineering and service. It consists of Guangdong Southern Environmental Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Zhongzhou Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., Guangdong. Zhongzhou Environmental Protection Industrial Co., Ltd. (holding by Core Shareholders),and has several localized branches or offices.
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                About us
                Group introduction
                Group Members
                Development Process
                Qualification & Honor
                Scientific research innovation...
                Corporate Cultures
                Odor and VOCs Treatment
                Sludge treatment
                Water environment management
                Environmental services and inv...
                Grundfos Product Agent
                Odor and VOCs governance
                Sludge treatment
                PPS Pump Station
                Environmental services
                Contact us


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